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Hunger could live next door

Hunger does not disciminate. It could be a next door neighbor, a child, a co-worker, veterarns, seniors or families you interact with every day! Thes are stories that have touched our lives and we hope that they will touch yours to find it in your heart to have the compassion to help us in the fight against hunger.

Make a donation today! Every $1 donated provides the equivalent of 3 meals for hungry children, seniors and families.

Their are close to 400,000 people that are food insecure here in Orange County California. Most of the hungry are working poor trying their best to provide food for their families, seniors on fixed incomes who simply cannot make ends meet. High rents, rising medical costs, and lingering under-employment too many of our people have  to make choices between food and paying the rent or buying the medicine.

1in 5 school kids that rely on free lunch or subsidized lunch for their two basic meal every day. 
In Orange County half of all public school children rely on reduced or free school lunches for their major source of nutrition. That’s 151,000 kids who may go to bed hungry on weekends and during summer vacation.

Seniors that are barely making it on Social Security.
According to the Elder Economic Security Index, which figures in housing, food, transportation and health care, nearly 45% of Orange County seniors don’t have enough money for their basic necessities.
Even with incomes above the Federal poverty level (in 2016, $11,880 for a single person, $16,020 for a couple), seniors coping with high housing costs and rising medical costs simply can’t afford enough nutritious food.

​Military Veterans
Military veterans that have given their life for this country and living on the streets with little resources. We at The Men With Vision Foundation are fighting to end hunger and are committed to helping those in need! Minorities are more likely to be homeless. Of all vets in shelters, 34% were African-American, and 11% were Hispanic. By comparison, 10.5% of all veterans are African-American, and 5.2% are Hispanic.

Veterans stayed in shelters longer, on average, than non-veterans. The median length of stay for single veterans was 21 days, while non-veterans stayed for 17 days.
Most homeless veterans, 96%, are alone rather than part of a family. Among all homeless people, 66% are without families.

The 136,334 veterans who spent at least one night in a shelter during the year studied amount to one of every 168 veterans in the USA and one of every 10 veterans living in poverty.
Nearly half were in California, Texas, New York or Florida